CONCERTINA RAZORWIRE unique anti-climb solution.


CONCERTINA RAZORWIRE provides higher security compared to conventional barbed wire

Quick Installation

CONCERTINA RAZORWIRE is easy and fast to install

Affordable Price

NATO Standard CONCERTINA RAZORWIRE available now at a price fitting your security budget


  • Do you own a fenced perimeter and wish to protect it using a high security deterrent?

CONCERTINA RAZORWIRE: professional security and unique anti-climb solution

According to recent studies thefts are increasing exponentially. Poverty and despair are pushing more individuals to commit crimes. A simple fence no longer deters thieves, each month more and more families become victims to burglars. Do not wait for this to happen to you to! Install a Concertina razorwire system from Systema Resources and limit your exposure to attacks by burglars.

  • Looking for an easy installation alternative to barbwire?

CONCERTINA RAZORWIRE: higher protection compared to conventional barbed wire

Concertina razorwire from Systema is 8 times easier to install compared to barbed wire. Systema Resources razorwire is quick to install. Choose a military grade solution for emergency situation or long-term conventional perimeter protection. Once installed on your fence, it becomes a barrier, which is almost impossible to penetrate using regular tools. It is an obstacle extremely difficult to breach. Its aggressive look will discourage burglars who will avoid falling victim to the devastating effects of the razor blades.

  • You wish to install the razorwire on your own?

CONCERTINA RAZORWIRE installation is easy and fast

To install Concertina razorwire on a 100 m perimeter, you will only need an average of 2-3 hours. Systema Resources advisors will explain to you, step by step, how to install Concertina on your own, absolutely for free! Thus, you will save the labor costs and you will build your own security system at military standards.

  • Do you need a practical solution at an affordable price?

NATO standard CONCERTINA RAZORWIRE is available now at a price adapted to your security budget

Systema Resources is the first company on the Romanian market specialized in developing Concertina-type security systems. Our new Romanian production line (European Union) ensures the QUALITY and guarantees THE BEST PRICE.

Given that a Concertina coil stretches for a recommended length of up to 10m, and the length of the blade wire used for a 450mm diameter is of minimum 85 m, in terms of PRICE/QUALITY ratio, Concertina system efficiency is unparalleled by the barbed wire! Thus, at Systema Resources you will obtain eight times more security for an incomparable price.