Razorwire assembly and installation

Systema Resources  provides assistance and professional solutions for securing the perimeters against all levels of threat. Our advisors can provide you with details and step by step guidance regarding Concertina razorwire assembly and installation on ships, existing fences, on the ground, roofs, terraces, buildings, this security system being designed for installation an almost any type of surface or structure.

Thus, you can save the labor costs by purchasing the adequate installation equipment, professional fastening systems and consumables directly from Systema Resources. All assistance and design services will be provided at military security standards.


Systema razorwire is highly dangerous. Please be cautious when installing it, given that any direct contact with your skin can cause serious injuries.

Concertina razorwire installation is not difficult, but requires special care and adequate equipment. Please ask for and comply with the guidelines provided by our experts in order to prevent accidental injuries.

 Our services include:

  • General assistance;
  • Design of barriers and fastening/anchoring system;
  • Provision of a wide range of blade types, diameters and Concertina systems;
  • Delivery of products on stock in the shortest interval anywhere in Romania;
  • Assembly and installation guidelines.