Barbed wire or razorwire?

What is the difference between Concertina razorwire from Systema and regular barbed wire?  

The aggressive aspect of Concertina razorwire indicates the devastating effect of its razor blades, thus distinguishing it from the barbed wire from the “first touch”. There is a wide range of blade types and sizes, matching your every requirement!

Made of steel, it does not rust and it can not be cut with regular tools, providing the same efficiency for years even when relocated to several sites (after usage, Concertina coils can be folded back and subsequently moved to other locations, thus being reusable).

During installation, Concertina razorwire from Systema always keeps its initial spiral shape – thus increasing its efficiency as opposed to the rusty “classic” barbed wire, which hangs above the fences.

Installation of Concertina razorwire from Systema is 8 time quicker and easier than the installation of classic barbed wire.

It is easy to transport in coils, which can be quickly, practically and efficiently unfolded and folded back.