Razorwire technical specifications

NATO-type razorwire9

Whether you wish to secure a plant, residence, courtyard, farm or institution, it is sometimes easy to get lost in the diversity of technical details of products. Here are some basic elements useful in selecting the product best fitted for your perimeter:



This relates to the diameter of the coil to be installed. This diameter varies by +/- 50mm depending on the stretching distance length of the coil. For maximum efficiency, it is recommended not to stretch the coil on distances exceeding 10m. Most sought diameters of Concertina razorwire from Systema Resources are the following:

  1. 450mm – installation on the sides and tops of fences, structures and around pillars
  2. 700mm – mainly applicable on the ground
  3. 900mm – simple, double or pyramid shaped installation at ground level


Be aware of the cheap versions available on the market, where the low price indicates a low number of spirals per coil. It will surprise you when unwinding the Concertina coil you will discover that it is “lighter” sometimes by up to 15 spirals! The lower the number of spirals, the less efficient your Concertina barrier, thus becoming vulnerable. It is easy to recognize such products, simply be checking a series of technical parameters, the coil weight and the quality certificates.

Systema Resources provides minimum 56 spirals per coil, regardless of the diameters selected by you.


The original Concertina razorwire is made of galvanized zinc steel core wire of minimum 200g/m2 with minimum diameter of 2.50mm, resistance to strain of minimum 160kg/mm2, plated with blades of minimum 0.45mm. At Systema Resources, these values are standard values for all types of blades, thus ensuring reliability and efficiency of our products over time.


The spread length of Concertina systems is established in proportion to the distance between spirals, which decreases the barrier efficiency when it is too large. Usually, the distance between spirals should not exceed 350-370mm, depending on the desired level of security. 450mm diameter coils are recommended for a spread length of maximum 10m.


The fastening clips are turning the stretched razorwire into the barrier known as „Concertina razorwire”. Sometimes, a vendor will take advantage on the fact that not everyone is familiar with the significance of the fastening clips and will put up for sale the cheap version of fastening with 3 clips instead of the 5 clips. While the 3 clips system is adequate for small diameters of maximum 600mm, the coils with diameters exceeding 600mm will require the 5 clips system otherwise their efficiency will be significantly affected, becoming rigid and resistant to cutting which is absolutely unacceptable for these large diameter coils (900mm).


Blades must be galvanized and with a thickness of minimum 0.45mm in order to withstand bad weather conditions, to extend the service life of Concertina barrier and to avoid bending or ripping. The core wire must be made of galvanized steel with minimum 2.4mm diameter. Otherwise, Concertina system service life decreases dramatically.

These details are part of the essential elements making the difference between Concertina razorwire from Systema Resources and the „barbed wire with blades” provided by other merchants.